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Simply put, CARvengers is a community based car repair website to help connect those in need of car repairs, maintenance, and other related services with local, reputable service providers.

FREE to browse, create a Customer account, schedule appt's., read verified reviews, and locate local car service repair shops of all types.  Including, simple maintenance services like oil changes to the more complex or car specific.  CARvengers includes ride share inspection sites, car wash & detail centers, tow services, car component add-ons, tinting, etc..

CARvengers offers local car service shop owners an affordable, flexible tool with unique features to help grow their business!

By offering customizable Coupons, Daily Deals, Discounts & Flash Offers, Classified Ads, Merchant Events, and Verified Reviews and with an owner reply option, CARvengers has created transparency to help empower YOU to make the right choice!

Unlike other websites, CARvengers does not direct search results based upon paid advertising, proprietary certifications, or affiliates.    

Bottom Line, CARvengers is here to help YOU & YOUR local repair shops thrive and succeed!

Best Regards,

The CARvengers Team


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Welcome to CARvengers!  CARvengers is a platform to help you and local merchants engage one another. While FREE to browse and create a Customer Acct., merchants are charged a very affordable monthly fee to access a set of tools and platform to help compete in today's digital economy.

For customers, CARvengers offers peace of mind and quite literally, opportunity!  Opportunity, to learn more about their car(s), locate nearby service shops, schedule appt's. (with participating merchants) directly through the site, read verifiable CARvengers reviews, learn about upcoming merchant events, track one's car service needs & appt's., receive friendly service reminders directly from merchants, take advantage of unique Flash Offers, Daily Deals, Coupons, or Discounts, and check out Classifieds to help locate hard to find parts for sale or trade, not to mention any local job openings!

We are working hard to build a significant porfolio of participating partner merchants for all vehicle services.  Until such time, not all service providers within search results will be utilizing the CARvengers platform.  Please inform your local merchants about CARvengers and don't forget to give them an email link with your referral code to sign up!  For helping us and your community, we will reward you with a $100.00 Amazon digital reward card for each location you help CARvengers sign up!  To receive your unique referral code and further info. on the program, please "click" the Join Now button on the right side of the page and select "Become a Customer."  

CARvengers was literally built to help bring clarity & understanding to an industry in constant flux. While we may not be talking about the "flux capacitor" from the movie Back to the Future today, who knows about tomorrow!

At CARvengers our "VISION" is to help YOU locate reputable car repair and service options in your local community.  Our platform is geared to guide you to a local solution with real feedback.  We are looking forward to helping YOU & YOUR COMMUNITY!  

PLEASE help us grow by spreading the word to join CARvengers and informing your local repair shop, large or small, to use your unique referral code to sign up via the CARvengers site.

PLEASE know we are doing our best to grow as quickly as possible and look forward to servicing you!


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